Download Bad Link Buster

Download Bad Link Buster

Download Bad Link Buster

Get Bad Link Buster and checks your backlink profile for any locales that you would not need a link from. These locales may be a grown-up, shrouding, remote, deindexed or serving up malware. Just load in your backlink profile and Bad Link Buster will begin doing all the extreme work for you.


Download Bad Link Buster

How Bad Link Buster functions

Bad Link Buster is amazingly simple to use. You basically enter your region name by then stack in a line seperated summary of your backlinks and bad link buster will check each link for any issues that may cause you issues. These consolidate Malware destinations, deindexed locales, remote destinations, content properties, covering destinations and anything is possible from that point.

For what reason would it be a good idea for me to utilize Bad Link Buster?

There are numerous ways you may have wound up with bad links in your backlink profile.

  • Acquired a lapsed area name that has bad links as of now pointing at it
  • A Negative SEO assault on your site
  • Acquired blackhat SEO administrations

These can cause main problems. You may even breeze up with your site being deindexed if a negative SEO strike isn’t overseen rapidly. Keeping up a spotless splendid backlink profile says to google “This is a site you can trust”.


 How Bad Link Buster Works

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Download Bad Link Buster

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Price: Free



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