Download Latest Version Of Greenshot For Windows


Download Latest Version Of Greenshot For Windows

If you need to use screenshots for documentation, preparing, or just to get a moment on a desktop, there are gigantic measures of decisions. Regardless, when you require something brisk and that doesn’t require the scope of capacities of picture control programs, your options are more obliged.

On a couple of stages, for instance, Ubuntu Linux, you can tap the Print Screen key twice and get a solid screenshot of your entire screen, however envision a situation in which you require a piece of the screen or a lone window, or you have to incorporate visual parts. You could download and present GIMP, however that might be futile abundance for the fundamental endeavor of screenshots. Another decision is to use Greenshot, which is a versatile screenshot instrument that offers a respectable rundown of capacities and is permitted to use.

Greenshot’s segment list consolidates:

Successfully make complete or midway screenshots (full, district, or window)

Illuminate, highlight, or cover parts of a screenshot

Quickly send the screenshot to different regions (to a record, the clipboard, a printer, or as an email association)

Save in various courses of action (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP)

Modify filename plans




Administer print settings

Quick access from the structure plate or support backup ways to go

Presenting Greenshot

Download the executable archive from the Greenshot download page.

Twofold tap the downloaded record to start the foundation.

Walk around the simple to utilize wizard.

Once presented, Greenshot will abide in your system plate as a successfully accessible image (Figure A). Figure A

Greenshot’s Preferences trade box

To get to the Greenshot Settings window, right-tap the Greenshot image and select Preferences. You will in like manner see a Quick Preferences entry in the menu. From the Quick Preferences menu, you can get basic access to Screenshot Destination, Print Options, and Effects. Effects make the snapping of a screenshot more plainly obvious. From the Quick Preferences | Effects menu, you can incorporate the sound of a camera delineation or conceivably a flash effect for when the screenshot is taken.

From the Preferences window, you should set the deferral before get (milliseconds), Storage Location, and Filename Pattern. You should give yourself a great deal of deferment for the screenshot — this is especially veritable when you require screenshots from menus or of various exercises. I find 5,000 milliseconds gives me enough time to set up the shot. In case you require extra time, go to Preferences | General and change the deferment.

The filename configuration is in the shape:


You can moreover incorporate the going with fields:

NUM – incremental numbering (up to six digits)

customer – Windows customer

region – Windows space

hostname – PC name

You can have Greenshot make dynamic sub-lists by using the diagonal accentuation line to separate envelopes. For example, the going with will create a coordinator named 2012-10-1 and a record inside in perspective of the present time:

%YYY%-%MM%-%DD%\%hh%-%mm%-%ss% Using Greenshot

There are two ways to deal with carry screenshots with Greenshot:

Right-tap the system plate image and select the kind of screenshot you have to take from Capture Region, Capture Last Region, Capture Window, Capture Full Screen.

Use the reassure simple course related with the kind of screenshot you have to take

The reassure backup courses of action are according to the accompanying:

Catch full screen – Ctl + Print Screen

Catch Region – Print Screen

Catch Window – Alt + Print Screen

Catch Last Region – Shift + Print Screen

Right when the screenshot is taken, the photo will open how you have outlined it (inside Preferences). As usual, it will open up in the understood Image Editor (Figure C). Figure C

A screenshot inside a screenshot. (Tap the photo to reach out.) With the screenshot open in the publication chief, you would then have the capacity to incorporate substance, incorporate articles, trim the photo, and viably muddle (hide) territories of the photo. By far most of the instruments are greatly simple to use. The primary mechanical assembly you won’t not be familiar with is the Obfuscation instrument. If you tap the Obfuscate image (it’s the second one from the base on the left edge toolbar), you can drag the gadget over the region you have to conceal. When you measure the perplexity window viably (Figure D), let go of the left mouse get and the zone will cloud. Figure D

The TechRepublic logo has been muddled — not that you should ever do that!

Attempt Greenshot out, and check whether it doesn’t transform into your go-to instrument for snapping shots of your desktop.




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