Download Link Monitor Free

Download Link Monitor Free

Download Link Monitor Free

Get Link Monitor Free and begin mechanizing the assignments of checking if your backlinks have been changed/erased or new ones have been set on indicated pages.


Download Link Monitor Free

How does Link Monitor function?

Once your site URL and the URL of pages where your backlinks exist have been added to Link Monitor you can check the status of every single link to your site with the snap of a singular catch. Exactly when that singular catch is clicked Link Monitor will download the HTML for each page and check your links. You can even logbook checks to therefore check for you at set conditions or breaks. Any uncommon sorts of caution are joined, for instance, plate inflatables, sound notification and URL loads.

For what reason would it be advisable for me to utilize Link Monitor?

Cloud based organizations, for instance, ahrefs and MOZ will check your destinations backlink profile anyway they won’t check each day. So in the occasion that you’ve gotten a better than average exorbitant extraordinary link and the site administrator unexpectedly ousts it you may not be told by these cloud crawlers for a significant long time and by then this change could of hurt your destinations rankings. Link Monitor can check at consistent interims. Additionally the cost save stores! Link Monitor is 100% free.

  • Missing links to your site
  • New links to your site
  • Changed links to your site (nofollow and numerous others)
  • Outbound link expands/diminishes on pages



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